How to Build Your Own Champagne Tower

How to Build Your Own Champagne Tower

Have you ever wanted to build your own coupe tower but didn't know where to start? Worried about breaking every glass you bought on your first attempt? With the Build Your Own Unbreakable Champagne Tower Kit, whether you are a beginner or extremist, you are able to create the perfect tower every time. 

Step One – Choose your drinkware 

Ditch the champagne flute for their cousin The Coupe Glass. Their wider bowl ensures a sturdier tower. We also recommend choosing plastic over glass for obvious reasons. Please be assured however that you can still enjoy quality drinkware with D-STILL Drinkware’s unbreakable plastic range that looks and feels like glass. You certainly don’t want the cheap plastic coupes with removal stems – that is another disaster waiting to happen! 

Step Two – Choose where your tower will be built 

Disaster is inevitable if building your tower on an uneven or wiggly table, or even worse an area where someone is bound to bump it. Our tip is to choose a large heavy table tucked to the side where people can admire it! 

Step Three – Decide what size tower you want 

Ensuring you have the right number of glasses to complete your tower is a must. You need to ensure that the bottom of each glass is touching the top of four glasses from the row below. Lucky for you we have done the maths for you: 

Beginner tower = 14 glasses 

Intermediate tower = 30 glasses 

Advanced tower = 55 glasses 

Extremist tower = 91 glasses 

So, you just need to decide if you want a small, medium or large tower and start building. 

Step Four – Start Pouring 

With a steady hand, take it slow and steady. Avoid splashing as the force will topple the tower. If the liquid fails to fill all the glasses evenly (which is common) you will need to manually top up the glasses. Our last tip – ensure you have enough bottles of champagne to go around! It takes approximately 5 bottles to fill the Beginner tower!  

Now you are well-equipped to build the perfect champagne tower at your wedding, next birthday party or other special event. Your guests will certainly be impressed!