5 Steps to Reducing Breakages

5 Steps to Reducing Breakages

At D-Still we work closely with all our customers on understanding their drinkware requirements across all aspects of their business. During this process we recommend implementing the following 5 simple steps to reduce glassware breakages by up to 50%. As business becomes more competitive we need to ensure that we are managing our hard cost effectively. This is where partnering with D-Still can become valuable.

Step 1 – Clearly define service areas

Whether you are a casino, nightclub, restaurant or pub, it is important that you take the time to understand which drinkware works best where and what your customers expectations are in each part of your business.

For example if you operate a pub you might have the following service areas within your pub:

  • General Bar / Sports Bar
  • Cocktail Bar
  • Restaurant and Bistro
  • Functions and Events
  • Outdoor / Rooftop Bar
  • Gaming
  • Kids Area

Defining each service around will assist with selecting the most suitable drinkware for each service area.

Step 2 – Review your licensing requirements for each service area

It is important to understand whether your venue is required to used tempered glassware or polycarbonate. Once you know which glassware restrictions you have (if any), you can then highlight which service areas of your business will utilise premium glassware, tempered glassware or unbreakable polycarbonate drinkware.

Step 3 – Customer expectations and optimising the overall experience

We are now living in a world where the customer experience is everything! We have more competition than ever and our customers expect more from us.

When selecting your drinkware it is important to remember who you are serving.

Customer A who is buying a $20 cocktail is expecting that cocktail to be served perfectly in a beautiful glass and is totally different to Customer B who has just purchased a jug of soft drink and is more happy to use unbreakable drinkware for the table.

Ensuring that you have the right drinkware for the right occasion is extremely important. Premium Glassware, Tempered Glassware and Polycarbonate Drinkware all have a role to play within your venue.

By better understanding your customers expectations you can effectively implement these 5 easy steps which will assist in improving your overall margin and reducing breakage cost across your venue.

Step 4 – Understand where your breakages are coming from

In most cases this is the easiest step. From our experience most glassware breakages are driven by stemware (wine glasses and cocktail glasses) and beer glasses.

Take the time to review your purchase rates and cost by category.

At D-Still we suggest breaking your drinkware categories into the following categories:

  • Stemware – Wine Glasses
  • Beer Glasses
  • Water Glasses and Soft Drink Glasses
  • Cocktail Glassware
  • Jugs and Decanters

Once you understand which category is contributing the most to your breakage cost, it will allow you to focus on the right categories.

Step 5 – Where possible remove the need to use glassware

Over the past 2 years there has been incredible innovation in the unbreakable drinkware space. The quality has significantly improved making unbreakable drinkware look and feel more like glass.

Where possible we also recommend that our customers implement a polycarbonate strategy across the below areas of their business.

  • Water and Soft Drink Glasses
  • Events and Functions
  • Outdoor Requirements
  • Shot Glasses
  • Jugs

By implementing this strategy you will automatically see a huge reduction in breakage rates and improved margins across your business.


Understanding your drinkware requirements in more detail will assist with implementing the right strategy for your business.

Breakages are a huge cost and if not managed well can eat away at your profits.

If you would like to organise a time to meet with one of our team, please contact us via customer.service@dstill.com.au or 1800 001 028.

Thank you and I hope you have found these tips useful.

Dan Richards
Founder and Managing Director
D-Still Drinkware