Goblets; The Perfect Glasses for limited Kitchen Space!

The Perfect Glasses for Limited Kitchen Space

Have you ever thought to yourself, I need more kitchen cupboard space?

How am I going to fit all of my favourite drinkware in this tiny amount of space?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to easily store every different glass in my cupboard for all of my favourite drinks?

Well, the reality is, most of us don’t have the luxury of large kitchens and endless storage.  So, we need to shop smart.

Goblets are the perfect solution. They may sound fancy! But they are one of the most hard-working glasses in the drinkware range.  They literally do the job of half a dozen other glasses, they are so versatile, designed to make any beverage look good.

Goblets are the option you have on hand, when you don’t know exactly what your guests like to drink. They easily hold a nice cold beer, your favourite soft-drink, juice or cordial. Or if you want to impress your visitors a lovely cocktail or mocktail.  Not to forget they make a great everyday water glass, both still and sparkling. 

Good news is, there is a range of Goblets, that are 100% Unbreakable, available in 295ml, 395ml and for those with a larger thirst 490ml and all three sizes are made from polycarbonate and are absolutely guaranteed to never chip or crack! 

They are the perfect glass of choice, basically a one size fits all for drinkware – and because they are unbreakable, they definitely suit the entire family. Sip easy on your favourite bevies, knowing you no longer have to worry about broken glass.

They may be durable in quality, but their bold lines and strong base doesn’t take away from how lovely they are to hold in your hand, some would say their curved nature is really quite elegant.

They are perfect for both indoors and outdoors and are a wonderful addition to any caravan, camping or boating adventure.  As well as a family picnic, trip to the beach, happy hour poolside or just a Sunday BBQ in your own backyard. Again, so versatile any family or friend can pretty much drink any beverage from them.

Goblets are truly a crowd pleaser; they are BPA safe and can be easily and conveniently tossed into the dishwasher. So, less work for Mum!

So, if you are looking to refresh your drinkware, or your limited cupboard space is worrying you, why not consider adding a lovely set of Goblet glasses to your collection, they will be sure to please the entire family.

Shop www.dstill.com.au to purchase your set of Goblets today. Your cupboards won’t be disappointed.

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