How to Clean your Plastic Wine Glasses

How to Clean your Plastic Wine Glasses

Now that you have discovered the incredible range of plastic wine glasses, cocktail glasses and something for every other occasion, you need to look after your investment, keep your collection looking as good as the day they arrived at your front door. 

What You Need

To maintain your new plastic wine glasses, we recommend using D-Still 3 in 1 cleaner, ideal for plastic or glass. Its special formulation is the perfect way to keep your drinkware squeaky clean with long term shine and lustre, without the use of harsh chemicals.

The best thing is it can be used in your dishwasher or the sink. Regular dishwashing detergent has an abrasive silica which assists with getting food off plates however with time will start to show micro scratches on glass, porcelain and plastic making it look cloudy and lacklustre.

If you decide to handwash your glasses don’t use a scourer or hard brush, a soft sponge or cloth is ideal. For the final touch remove excess dishwashing water from your glasses with a microfibre or glass cloth. 

D-Still 3-1 Cleaner

Is available in an easy to dispense 500ml bottle for home or a 5-litre bottle from D-Still for the commercial businesses, the bottle can connect straight to commercial dishwashers.

Long Term Maintenance Soaker

You can expect 2000 washes before it’s time to refresh your collection of plastic drinkware. To rejuvenate your plastic cups, we highly recommend the use of the D-Still Poly Rejuvenate. This product is the bee’s-knees, simply soak your drinkware overnight, run them through the dishwasher the next morning and ta-da, all the built-up grime is gone.   D-Still Rejuvenate is available in a 500gm container with a screw lid.


You too can serve your favourite wine, beer or cocktails in plastic drinkware that looks and feels like it did the day it came out of the box, remember any good investment is worth looking after and now you can give it a little tender loving care without the inconvenience.