What is Crystal Glass?

What is Crystal Glass?

A question many people ask is, what is crystal glassware?

Lead Crystal Glass, also know as cut crystal was the go-to wedding gift back in the 20th century and guess what, it’s back in vogue.

The main difference between Crystal and Glass are the materials used to make the finished product. Modern lead crystal contains a minimum of 24% PbO. Lead Crystal typically uses anywhere from 18-40% lead oxide making a thin yet durable glass.

Lead free crystal is available today as we now know there is the possibility of lead leaching into the beverage from the lead crystal, this is more of a concern with decanters where the contents can be in contact for longer periods of time.

So why is Crystal sort after?

Cut Crystal has a high refractive index and a brilliance to dazzle its users as it makes any beverage sparkle in natural light, making it the perfect way to serve a champagne, wine or cocktail.

Traditional lead crystal was blown and grinded by hand, each piece being slightly imperfect, its iconic smooth sharp crystal-like edges shaped by an artisan’s hands using grindstones, today most of the product you see are created with a mould which has helped with mass production reducing the cost dramatically.

An easy way to tell the difference is to touch the ridges of the etching, if there is a sharp edge it was probably cut with a grindstone, if the edges are smooth and rounded it was made with a mould.

How can you tell if your glass is Crystal?

There are a couple of simple tests that will indicate whether your crystal is in fact crystal or regular glass. Tap a fork against the glass, if it clinks then you have ordinary glass, if it rings then you have crystal.

The higher content of lead gives you a longer ring. You can also hold the glass to the light, if you can see a rainbow prism it is crystal, if you can’t see this it’s regular glass.

Why is Crystal is better than glass?

  • The chemical structure of Crystal is stronger and more durable than regular glass allowing for a thinner stem, lip, and bowl.
  • Crystals sheer brilliance makes it ideal for delivering that little extra pizazz and memorable experience.
  • Traditional Cut Crystal is a unique product made by hand with imperfections adding to its appeal.
  • Because it’s on trend.
  • Because it makes your beverages look fantastic!

Today, we have D-Still Drinkware have a newly innovated product that looks and feels like crystal but is in fact made with polycarbonate.

They have a large unbreakable range in stock along with regular glass crystal. Check out their Plastic Diamond Martini range, be prepared to be amazed.

The wrap up:

What we do know is that the Cut Crystal look is essential in vogue vessel for helping deliver the wow factor the next time you entertain.