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Who is D-Still?

At D-Still, we enhance your indoor and outdoor drinking experience through the supply of high-quality drinkware and barware for all occasions. How do we do that?

We give you over 400 product types to choose from online (at the most affordable prices). We make sure one of our friendly staff members answers your call with a smile. We supply drinkware for outdoor use that looks as good as glass but is totally unbreakable. And we ship your order within 24 hours, guaranteeing safe delivery or full replacement.

Who does D-Still work with?

We are proud to supply drinkware to Star Casino, Novotel, Sofitel, Intercontinental and Rooty Hill RSL (to name just a few of our clients). We also take care of the drinkware needs of many cafes, bars and family-run restaurants dotted throughout Australia.

We look after home entertainers too, by providing the same stylish drinkware and industry-endorsed barware that we supply to 5-star establishments, at prices that won’t break your budget.

The faces behind the D-Still brand: Dan and Simon

Dan Richards started working for franchisee Simon Noble, at one of Howard Storage World’s largest stores, at the age of fifteen. As a result of Simon’s encouragement and mentorship, Dan quickly progressed from the receiving dock to a sales role.

Despite their 20-year age gap, Simon and Dan formed a mutual respect for each other’s positive attitude and passionate commitment to customer care (core values that now form the heart of the D-Still brand).

They parted ways two years later, when Dan took a job with Smart Chef Kitchenware, not knowing that their paths would cross again and that they would become partners in Australia’s fastest growing drinkware and barware business!

Dan Richard’s Journey

Ex-basketballer, beach lover, full of young-man vitality

At 20, Dan’s energy and ambition led him to an interview with hospitality giant Coca-Cola. Determined to fill an order for a customer, he showed up to his interview in a grubby Smart Chef uniform because he’d cut it too fine to get changed into the suit hanging in his car. Seeing beyond his attire, the interviewee for Coke admired Dan’s dedication to customer service and he got the job.

Dan stayed with Coke for 10 years rising quickly through the ranks. While working as a State Business Manager, at just 22 years of age, Dan helped Coke devise a cashless vending machine within a prison environment, proving his ability to think outside the box and develop creative solutions to client needs. He was later promoted to District Sales Manager, where he managed $14 million worth of business.

Dan’s life changed when a glass smashed during a customer meeting with a restaurant owner, who wearily explained the high cost of glass breakages and the effect it had on their bottom line. Convinced there was an existing solution, Dan researched the glassware market in Australia only to discover that the imported glass used by most Australians had an unreasonable price per unit.

Dan couldn’t ignore the opportunity that was staring him in the face; to import drinkware into Australia and make it affordable for home entertainers, cafes, restaurants, hotels and bars.

Like a true entrepreneur, Dan threw caution to the wind, cashed in his Coke shares and trademarked the name D-Still. After developing a website, he flew to China and found a high-quality supplier for D-Still’s three signature glasses: the stemless wine glass, martini glass and the goblet.

Whilst solving typical start-up problems at D-Still (like where to store his new stock), he received yet another promotion at Coke. This time as National Business Manager – two steps from the MD role!

How did he run a business and work fulltime in corporate? Simple!

He traded sleep for work. Starting each day at 4:30am, he dedicated his days to his corporate career and his night’s to D-Still.

Simon Noble’s Journey

Artist, Car Enthusiast, Business Entrepreneur, Ideas Guy

Simon’s beginnings weren’t dissimilar to Dan’s, he pursued a hospitality career with McDonald’s Australia where he ended up an Operations Consultant. He then went on to own a number of franchises until he moved to Singapore with his young family.

A serendipitous meeting at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo brought Simon and Dan back together for the first time since Simon had employed Dan, 12 years earlier. Simon was on the look-out for a sound business idea to invest in and actively manage. Being reunited was fate. 

Together they created a visionary business plan to supply premium drinkware at affordable prices throughout Australia with global ambitions. Simon and Dan became equal partners in the business and it was GAME ON.

D-Still: A unique partnership

Dan and Simon have formed a unique friendship and business partnership founded on a shared passion for creating positive and long-lasting customer experiences.

Dan believes Simon’s creative mind makes him a great business partner and a visionary; able to challenge industry norms without sacrificing his aptitude for level-headed decision making.

Simon gave Dan the courage and support he needed to leave the corporate world and dedicate himself fully to the D-Still brand.

Together they are determined to make sure every customers’ shopping experience with D-Still is a positive one.

The Dynamic Duo

Dan and Simon have formed a unique friendship and business partnership founded on a shared passion for creating positive and long lasting customer experiences. 

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