Classic Champagne Tower

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Height:3 Tiers
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    Have you ever wanted to build your own Champagne Coupe tower? Dreamt of having one at your wedding? Well, now you can! 

    With the Build Your Own Champagne Glass Tower Kit, whether you are a beginner or pro, you are now able to create the ultimate insta-worthy champagne tower for your next event. 

      Featuring our Coupe Champagne Glasses, your guests will be in awe at this spectacular sight. Great for weddings, birthdays, special occasions, or just because! 

      3 Tiers = 14 Glasses
      4 Tiers = 30 Glasses
      5 Tiers = 55 Glasses
      6 Tiers = 91 Glasses

      Material: Glass
      Volume: 210ml per glass
      Height: 126mm per glass
      Max Diameter: 97mm per glass

      SKU: DSTower14

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