Stolzle Olympic Cocktail Glass Matte Black/Gold 240ml - Set of 6

SKU: 365-400 - 6
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Stolzle has done it again with these elegant cocktail glasses. Whilst these may look like your standard martini glasses, Stolzle has released their Olympic Cocktail Glass range designed to be used for so much more than just an espresso martini. 

Featuring a stunning matte black exterior and strikingly gold simmer glass like finish on the interior, these glass are perfect for cosmopolitans, daiquiris - whatever takes your fancy! 

Stolzle pride themselves on their high quality glassware and is often found at hotels, restaurants and bars. 

Qty Per Carton: 6
Material: glass
Volume: 240ml

Colour: Matte Black & Gold
Height: 172mm
Width: 116mm
Max Diameter: 116mm

Dishwasher Safe  

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