Refreshing your drinkware collection at home

Refreshing Your Drinkware

Are you sick and tired of never having enough glasses at home when entertaining with friends and family? Or maybe you have plenty of glassware, but nothing matches?

At D-STILL we are passionate about helping our customers purchase the right range of drinkware for home to ensure next time you’re entertaining it will be memorable no matter what beverage your guests enjoy.

Below we have listed our Top 3 Tips to consider when purchasing drinkware.

Tip 1 – Beverage List

Create a list of your guests favourite beverages, or those special drinks your family enjoy regularly.  Taking the time to go through this process will ensure you purchase the most appropriate Drinkware to suite all of your beverage occasions. Here are some beverages that will be sure to please your guests;

  • Beer & Wine
  • Spirits
  • Cocktails – Espresso Martinis and Margaritas
  • Soft Drinks, Sparkling and Still Water
  • Shot Glasses


Tip 2 – Indoor / Outdoor

Where do you entertain your guests?

This is really important. If you are anything like me, we entertain mostly outdoors, which presents a whole range of issues with glassware. Have you ever experienced that guest who is having such a great time and is really enjoying your hospitality…? Maybe enjoying it a little too much and drops a glass which smashes everywhere!

You try not to panic, but naturally you go into emergency clean up mode because the kids are running around and the last thing you need is the kids stepping on glass? We have all experienced this happening at least once or twice. This is why it is really important to select the right drinkware based on where you enjoy entertaining the most.

I recommend to breakdown your house up into two key entertaining areas.

1 – Indoor Dining
2 – Outdoor Dining


Tip 3 – Who are you entertaining?

Who will be enjoying the beverage? Another really important step in the decision-making process as we don’t want our kids running around with a beautiful crystal water glass to end up being knocked over by the dog and glass smashing everywhere. There is a huge range of unbreakable plastic drinkware available which is perfect for kids and some adults J to guarantee there will be no more broken glass outside or inside!

My recommendation would be to buy drinkware following the below;

  • Indoor Dining – Adults (Glassware) / Children (Unbreakable Plastic)
  • Outdoor Dining – Adults Only (Glassware)
  • Outdoor Dining – Adults with children (Unbreakable Plastic)

You might be thinking there is no way I’m entertaining my guest using plastic drinkware! I totally get it. Plastic drinkware has historically looked cheap and nasty! Been considerably light in the hand, easily broken, scratches and isn’t dishwasher safe.

At D-Still we have recently launched a range of unbreakable plastic drinkware which looks and feels like glass. It’s heavy in the hand like glass, looks like glass, its dishwasher safe and unbreakable! The perfect solutions for entertaining outdoors. Our range is so good that it’s used within 5 Star Hotels across the country.

If you are still a little sceptical, why not start by purchasing your children’s drinkware first to experience the difference.


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