NMI Weights and Measures

D-Still Drinkware are a certified licensee by the NMI. Who are NMI?

NMI are the Australian Government’s national authority on measurement. They play an important role in the Australian economy by maintaining and regulating Australia’s measurement system, developing and maintaining national measurement standards, and delivering world-class measurement products and client services. 

NMI’s work adapts to services and enhances the productivity and growth of Australian industries, and aims to ensure a fair, safe, healthy and competitive Australia.


Beer, Stout and Ale

If you sell beer on tap, this usually involves serving it in an approved batch-tested glass or jug: 

  • with the volume marked in millilitres (mL) or litres (L)
  • made from glass, acrylic or another approved material
  • with the capacity of a glass defined by either the brim or a capacity (Plimsoll) line
  • with the capacity of a jug defined by a capacity (Plimsoll) line


You must sell brandy (including cognac and armagnac), gin, rum, vodka or whisky (or whiskey) by reference to volume. This usually involves using an NMI-approved spirit measure. 

Simple spirit measures must be:

  • in capacities of 15 mL, 30 mL or 60 mL
  • marked with either batch-testing markings or a verification mark
  • made of a rigid or semi-rigid material


If you sell wine (unless pre-packaged), you do not have to sell it by volume. You may sell wine in an unmarked glass or carafe. If you do sell wine by volume, then that volume must be accurate.

Pre-packaged wine must adhere to all standard packaging requirements, except in relation to the position of the measurement marking.

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