Where to Buy a Cocktail Shaker?

Where to Buy a Cocktail Shaker?

Where’s the best place to buy a cocktail shaker? today you can buy pretty much anything online, even the large car company’s are selling vehicles this way.

There are still a few retailers with bricks and mortar retail stores that you can visit giving you the ability to try out the product.

At D-Still Drinkware's retail store in Coombabah on the Gold Coast, you will find the best retail experience for trying barware products. We have all your cocktail needs met with great personal service.  

Our retail store also has its own bar and funky décor, so make sure you give the codeword "cocktail" to receive a cheeky little cocktail with every purchase made!

Which cocktail shaker best suits me?

There are three different types of cocktail shakes

Boston Cocktail Shaker

For the professional mixologist behind a bar its simple, the shaker of choice is a tin-on-tin Boston shaker. You will also need a Hawthorn Strainer and a Fine Strainer to complete the act. The fine strainer sits between the hawthorn strainer and glass catching very fine pieces of ice or garnish. Checkout Evan Zimmerman giving instruction on how to use a Boston Shaker. The tin-on-tin cocktail shaker will always make you look like a pro when making cocktails. Two Boston tins are preferred by most bartenders because they allow you to make more than one cocktail at a time, they are durable, easy to clean, and have excellent thermal properties keeping the cocktail cool.

Glass on Tin Cocktail Shaker 

The glass-on-tin Boston shaker is made up of a Boston tin with a pint glass. The pint-glass option is also good however be warned that with damp hands from the condensation that builds on all cocktail shakers, the pint-glass option can sometimes become a little slippery to hold. This combo also needs a Hawthorn and fine strainer.

Cobbler Cocktail Shaker

The Cobbler is popular at home with the novice mixer as it comes with its own built-in strainer and lid. This doesn’t make it a better cocktail shaker, in fact it’s size and small spout design will create restrictions with your creations. The Cobbler shaker tin will also need still need a fine strainer.

French Cocktail Shaker

The French cocktail shaker is a slightly different version of the tin-on-tin Boston shaker. The French shaker consists of two tins, the top tin being moulded to the shape of the tin creating a tight seal that is a little easier to hold. This shaker will also need the Hawthorn and Fine strainers.

The Wrap Up

D-Still Drinkware should be your first stop for everything bar and cocktail, we have a large range of shakers, cocktail glasses, smokers, strainers tweezers and accessories to make mixology at home or behind the bar easy.