Margarita Cocktail Tower

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Height:3 Tiers
$12.95 flat rate shipping Australia wide

    Ready to shake up your celebrations? Say adios to champagne problems because our Margarita Cocktail Tower has arrived to save the day!

    Who needs bubbles when you can toast with a splash of tequila magic? Get the party started with a tower that's perfect for weddings, birthdays, and all your festive events. Your guests will be raising their glasses (and their spirits) to this refreshing twist on tradition. 

    3 Tiers = 14 Glasses
    4 Tiers = 30 Glasses
    5 Tiers = 55 Glasses
    6 Tiers = 91 Glasses

    Material: Glass
    Volume: 235ml per glass
    Height: 162mm per glass
    Max Diameter: 108ml per glass

    SKU: DSMARGT - 14

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