Martini Cocktail Tower

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Height:3 Tiers
$12.95 flat rate shipping Australia wide

    You spoke, and we heard you loud and clear! Introducing the latest sensation that's taken TikTok by storm - the Martini Champagne Tower!

    Elevate any occasion, from glamorous weddings to lively birthdays and beyond with this captivating champagne tower trendsetter. Get ready to dazzle your guests and add that extra sparkle to your events with our Martini Champagne Tower!

    3 Tiers = 14 Glasses
    4 Tiers = 30 Glasses
    5 Tiers = 55 Glasses
    6 Tiers = 91 Glasses

    Material: Glass
    Volume: 180ml per glass
    Height: 160ml per glass
    Max Diameter: 105ml per glass

    SKU: DSMART - 14

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